3 Babies & A Man

I had these pictures taken for a very important reason. I get comments and messages seriously all the time asking me where I get the kids clothes. What I don't get ever is anyone asking where I get my clothes. LOL. And I know exactly why that is.

Last night we were headed over to my parents house for dinner. Since it was a Sunday, Jon was home, which should mean the transition out the door is more smooth. Don't get me wrong, it totally is. BUT, his job is to shower off the kids one at a time as he showers. Then, I grab them, dress them, and pack them up. That means, in the time it takes him to get himself ready, I get B1, B2, and B3 ready, and then I'm supposed to get myself ready. Let me tell you, at this point in time I've already considered selling Brogan on the black market 10 times, both twins are screaming in their seats (they hate their seats), and I am covered head to toe in sweat from the whole process. HARD TO BELIEVE I DON'T CARE WHAT I LOOK LIKE AT THIS POINT.

So, instead of me putting in the same effort for myself, I find a clean crew neck , my favorite joggers from target, and some shoes that aren't even weather appropriate. And you better believe in the dead of winter I'm not wearing a coat, because of the fact that I'm now sweating my butt off.

All of this is to say that I take pride in how cute my kids are dressed, but if you run into me at Target, please don't judge me for not even having a bra on. At least my kids are clean, because mama doesn't even remember the last time she washed her hair. And hey, if you're looking for a nice sweatsuit, hit me up, I've got the hookup.

The babies out

Twins outfits are from Tenth & Pine. Enter discount code TAYLN10.

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