Boy. Our one and only baby boy. Because of being high risk we went to our MFM check ups every other week. When we finally hit the second trimester and 13 weeks I asked if there was any way they could tell this early on what their genders were. I was DYING to know what they were, and if we were going to have 3 girls and force, Jon to leave and divorce me in the night never to be seen again. He has 3 sisters and I think he's hit his quota for chicks for a lifetime.

As she scanned over she said it looks like baby B (Breck) is a girl. I kid you not my immediate first thought was "holy shit holy shit holy shit they're all girls I'm going to have to give them away because I can't handle that much girl." As she scanned to baby A I could feel anxiety coming off of Jon. She started off saying, "I know you guys are most concerned if it's healthy and everything looks great there." All I could think was it could have 3 heads I don't care as long as there's also some little nuttsies hiding in there. "And don't hold me to this but it looks like we've got a baby boy."

I started giggling knowing that we had only ever seen our house filled with boys and even though that's not the way it panned out we would at least get to experience ONE boy. Nobody ever really says out loud that you're allowed to be a little disappointed when you're expecting one gender and it turns out the other way. In other words "gender disappointment". I don't love the term because I wouldn't trade my girls for a thing but I will say there's something to getting a gender you didn't expect. When we found out about the twins all I wanted was one of each so that 1. People wouldn't compare them to each other about their looks and abilities and they would have a better chance at being individuals instead of always being seen as "the Negley twins". And 2. that we would get to experience the best of both worlds. Dance and soccer but also baseball and football.

We. Were. SO. PUMPED. My entire pregnancy I worried about Briggs. He never moved and was always balled up in the same spot. His heart rate was always lower than Breck's and she always had her feet or butt on his head. From the moment he was born he has been the exact same way. I always say he's just happy to be here. He's chill, happy as hell, and giggles constantly. He not only looks just like Jon but he also shares the same personality. Which is probably why I can't stop kissing his cheeks daily. He's my only snuggly babe I've ever had and he loves his mama.

I don't know if it's because he was preemie or if it was just how he was made to be but he has giant chocolatey eyes that look right through you. Anyone that meets him comments on them and says he is looking into their soul, which kills me every time. He is definitely a crowd favorite. I remember telling my mom he's just too good. We don't deserve him. And I feel blessed that we were given someone like him to watch grow. He outdoes every single one of us with his hair and I hope he keeps it his whole life. I could go on forever about him because he is everything that is good. My boy.

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