We get asked a lot about each of the kids personalities. Mostly the difference between the twins. So I’ll try to explain them each individually. This is Breck. B3. Our 3rd born child who’s 94 percent sure she’s an ONLY child. She demands not some but ALL of your attention. All day. Every day. She cries a lotttt. You might think that’s an exaggeration but ask anyone who visits (very few since quarantine duh). She just needs more to be content.

She’s still swaddled because she’s so spazzy she slaps herself and then gets mad that someone slapped her. But I’ll tell you what else is one of her most familiar traits. The gal smiles from ear to ear. Anytime you want it she’s got it. She doesn’t belly laugh like Briggs because she prefers you work for it but she smiles just enough to keep you coming back. She takes a lot from me. A lot of my time. A lot of my arm capacity and a lotttt of my patience. So everyday I take time when the others are sleeping (and when she’s not because hello I said she’s needy right?) and I sit in the tub with just her. Her favorite place. And mine too. I soak her in. Her rolls. Her smile. And her crooked little teeth that just popped through. And I kiss the hell out of her. So. If you have a Breck. I see you. I feel you. I am you. There’s always beer at my house so come on by.

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