Amazon Picks

Things you need this week: arts and crafts for a toddler and a parents dream baby monitor that is both inexpensive and amazing, let's get started with this weeks Amazon picks.

Arts and crafts are a new favorite at the Negley household. Brogan LOVES every type of craft, so here are a few must haves when you are introducing painting to your toddler.

These spill proof paint cups are amazing! They are great for painting projects with your toddler. The best part, they are spill proof! I highly recommend these for any painting project, they are great for all ages and they make the clean-up process so much easier!

If you are looking for paint, colorations is the good stuff. This liquid watercolor paint is non-toxic and is easily washable from skin, fabrics, and surfaces! The set I linked contains 6 rainbow colored paints.

I linked these super fun paint brushes as well! These are great for practicing letters, lines, and most importantly, making fun little pictures with your little one.

Lastly, this adorable painting smock! It is perfect for mess free painting and it is so cute!

I love this table and so does Brogan! I kid you not, the chick will sit and color for hours at this table. For those of you that know Brogan, the chick NEVER. STOPS. This table is one of the few places I can get her to sit and work on her little projects. I highly recommend this purchase!

Let's talk organization. Let's be clear, this is an area that I have always struggled in. Add a toddler who loves to dump out every single bin of toys we have to my organization skills and the outcome is toys ALL OVER my house. Have you ever stepped on a lego barefoot? If so, you know the importance of picking those suckers up. I found these great shelves and bins that make it easier to clean up and nearly impossible for Brogan to dump out every single toy we own.

We just bought two of the Wyze Cam and we love it! The picture is so clear, it has 360 degree coverage, AND it is only $37.62! I love being able to check in on the twins when they sleep without having to worry about waking them up. This camera gives us so much peace of mind!

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