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Amazon Weekly Picks

It's my favorite time of the week! Online shopping day HOLLLLER. I'm going to be putting up some more of my favorite stuff I've been using this quarantine season to keep Brogan (and me mostly) from losing her ever loving mind.

Kinetic Sand:

I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT THIS ISH. I'm not kidding. Brogan will play with it for legit hours and it is SO easy to clean up since it all sticks together! It comes in tons of colors with tons of different tool packages. Do yourself and your sanity a favor and get this goodness.

Wash up Kitchen Sink:

This little sucker is a dear friend of mine. If you've seen in my stories it's a mini sink that actually runs which is phenomenal especially for a gal whose been caught a time or two playing in the sink and tub. You fill the bottom with water and it just repeatedly cycles through. It's the bomb. Plus she will for real wash dishes in this thing. Blessed.

Matching Egg Set:

It's not just all fun over here. Sometimes I try to make Brogan smart as well. These little eggie beans help with her color and shape sorting and they're cute as heck.

Fire Tablet:

If you don't give your kids electronics then you're a better mom then me. But sometimes electronics help us survive the hour before dad gets home. This tablet is made for kids and comes with a cover so her dropping it out of the car won't leave a mark. Plus. It's on sale right now!

Bubble Machine:

Brog was actually afraid of bubbles last year so this guy has been sitting in our garage for over a year. We just brought it out again and she LOVES the thing. It spits out a million times the bubbles I would ever be able to. Less work. More reward.

Etch a Sketch:

Sent Jon to the store for a birthday gift for his nephew. He came home with this for Brogan. Whoops. She loves this thing. I keep it mostly in the car so she has something to do instead of sneaking cookies to the babies behind my back.

Sensory Bin with Colored Rice:

I made this for Brog awhile back and I love this thing. It's just a clear bin with colored rice that you can either make yourself or buy through amazon (def the easier route). I bought her a few cups and utensils to use to dump, pour, and sort. When we're done I just put the lid back on and put it back in the basement.

Hope you find something that can help your little ones make it through this crazy isolation!

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