Baby/Toddler weekly Amazon picks

One of the biggest things I realized when I started having kids was that I had no idea where to start with products. You stand in the middle of stores like Buy Buy Baby and the Baby aisles of Target and wonder how you even begin to choose the right products for your babe.

With a lot of trial and error (prob more error...) I've narrowed down my favorites! And my favorite thing of all time is I never have to leave my house to get these and they show up every few weeks (or days LOLZ) like little Christmas presents to myself.

So, without further ado, I'll do my top 6 Amazon picks this week:


I cannot put into words how much you need this bad boy. Whether you're nursing or not this thing is a game changer. With all our kids we've used them almost their entire first year of life. The twins are just about to hit 8 months and I still use it daily. With Briggs I wrap it around me to support him while I nurse. With Breck I use it to sit her up next to me to feed her a bottle. Breck had severe reflux in the beginning so we would leave her propped up in it after feeds until her symptoms would subside. And with both we use it for tummy time! There's a singleton option which we have 2 of and also a twin option!

When the twins were still tiny and new I would pile them both in it and feed them together.

Twinny Beans, Brogs, Twinny Beans again

Boon Drying Rack Lawn Countertop:

Let me tell you guys about my best friend... This little dude has been sitting on our counter seriously since Brogan was born. It's an absolute game changer. When you go through as many bottles as we do, at the end of the day you've got a lotttt of bottles and a lot of parts. They need to dry somewhere and this is your answer. And when you transition to baby dishes and sippies this is still my go to drying rack. We even got my grandma one when she requested it for her wine glasses :

Dr. Brown's Formula Mixing Pitcher:

This little guy has 2 uses in our home. When I was pumping I was making over 70 oz a day. I used this storage method for all my breastmilk throughout the day so I could freeze the extra at the end of the day. I would pump, set my pump parts in the fridge, and let the milk cool. At my next pump session I would put this milk into the pitcher. At the end of the day I would use the mixer to mix in the hind, fore, and fatty milk all together. If we ever transition to formula this can be used to make an entire pitcher of formula at in the morning so you're not making milk all day. The oz amount is on the side so you know how many oz of water you're putting in to put in an accurate amount of formula. Use the mixer to stir it up and BOOM. A WHOLE PITCHER. This is perfect for mamas who send bottles to daycare as well as mamas of multiples.

HoMedics Sound Spa:

If you're going to have a baby you have to, have to, HAVE TO get a sound machine. Any sleep training class you invest in will put this at the top of the list for things to have! I used them before having kids because I can't sleep in a quiet room. We used it from the jump with Brogan and use it with the twins as well. This little guy blocks out all the outside sound from their rooms and allows us to not have to sneak around our house quietly after they're asleep. We take it with us everywhere so they know when they hear it this is a safe space to sleep. The best thing about it is they sleep through all storms, all holidays, including fireworks, and all neighbor dogs who are close to being sold on the black market by yours truly.

Angelcare Baby Bath Support:

We got our first at Brogan's baby shower and bought a second when we found out about the twins. I swear by these. I can comfortably and safely give a bath to both babes at the same time and not feel concerned about their safety. It's nice because I never worry about them slipping under the water and it's so small you can easily remove it after bath time and put it to the side. We hang it on a hook above our toilet. Love these!

Brog in her first week home to her at 7 months. We use them until they can sit up safe and stable.

We still use it currently with the twins as they're still not stable enough to sit on their own safely in the tub so we've gotten almost 8 months of use out of them! And like the last picture below I frequently use them as just chairs for them to sit in while I give Brog a bath and they're perfect!

I hope all these products are useful for you guys and if there is any product in particular you'd like to know about please let me know! I will do 5 of my favorites weekly!

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