The Beginning of The B

There are very few things other then my kids that I talk about on my Instagram.

Not because it isn’t important to me but in all honesty... because I don’t think people care. But when starting this blog I decided to be an open book from start to finish. And part of that means talking about my husband and I’s relationship which I tend to keep pretty private. He’s a quiet guy with not much to say and prefers to just smile and laugh. No joke. That’s literally all the guy does. But I couldn’t be more polar opposite. I love to talk to anyone who I can convince to talk back (something Jon hates that I do because it slows us down everywhere) and nothing gets me more pumped then telling a good story. So I guess that’s how we got here... on a blog.... about me. And my cute as hell kids. But I should probably start this whole thing off with an introduction to the OG Negz. My piece of meat husband.

We met in high school as friends and spent lots of days together since we had the same friend group. He was my best friend from the start. He was an easy laugh (my favorite audience) and he was always willing to do anything for me. I loved him. But not in a let’s have 3 kids in less then 2 years way (lol). I think it’s a good method to start off as friends with someone so you can get to know them without being stuck with them forever. So that’s what we did. He was there for me and I for him. We were buds.

Fast forward to us going off to college. We both ended up at the same university which looking back now I like to think was a little bit of fate. He had the chance to go off and play baseball somewhere but decided to come to Lincoln instead. By the end of the first semester my friends and I spent almost every weekend with him and his friends and I ended up living on the dorm floor 2 floors below him. And at that point we both were single.

I started to kind of come around to the fact that I was starting to like him a little more than I thought I did and really didn’t know how he felt. Because you know. He’s quiet as hell like I mentioned before.

So I started calling him to meet me for lunch or to pick me up from a party when I didn’t have a ride. He started offering to take me to this bomb chicken place that was super far away (this bomb chicken place is why yuh girl got CHUNKY freshman year) and I started thinking maybe he’s feeling some type of way too?

But I didn’t know. I’m gonna pump the breaks right here and tell you if you’re not into cheesiness turn back now because it’s about to get real Parmesany up in here. We sat in his dorm room one night and I asked him if he was interested in anyone. He told me all about this girl that was super beautiful and he loved her personality etc. At this point I’m sweating like okay thanks I’m gonna go jump off a bridge now. I was trying to be a good friend and asked “pull up her Facebook I wanna see her” so I could tear this broad to shreds in my head 😑. Here’s where the cheese comes in. HE PULLS UP MY FACEBOOK PAGE. See. Told you. Cheesy AF. but I still get a stupid smile on my face each time I think about it.  We dated for 4 years before we decided we were both in completely different places in life and it was better for us to split.

We went separate ways for 2 years. I got rowdy with my girlfriends while he got stupid with his buddies. It was better that way. We never crossed paths because I refused to go anywhere he could be and same with him. Until one night 2 years later this dude has the AUDACITY to send me a single text saying "Tay?" Calling me by my nickname. After 2 years of no contact. NONE. I’m like 94 percent sure my heart fell out of my butt when my phone showed his name. Looking back now I still can't believe I responded to that text. Jon still smirks every time we mention it saying "I knew that'd get you." He was right. I thought about him every day that we were apart no joke. I was Noah from the notebook and it drove. Me. Nuts. But not as nuts when I saw him for the first time after that long and he said he “just wanted to know how I was doing”. Oh. Okay.

Obviously you know where this story goes as we ended up getting back together. Within 2 months of us being back together things escalated real quick. Like REAL REAL quick. We got back together in September and ended up getting pregnant with B1 in November. We didn't find out until January when I thought I was having a never ending hangover and decided to take a test juuust in case. I'm not kidding when I say those tests are supposed to take 3 minutes but within 10 seconds that sucker said yeah sis . You pregnant. Now I'm going to tell you how I told Jon and you probably won't believe me but I seriously picked up that test and SENT JON A SNAPCHAT OF IT with the caption "well, shit." YOU GUYS. That was how I told him we were pregnant. It makes me legit laugh out loud thinking about it now. Not the same as all those cute videos you see out there. Nope. Just me. Sitting on the bathroom floor thinking how much my parents were going to murder me. LOL STILL SORRY MOM AND DAD.

So that’s how we started and that’s how our B Hive started. The obvious meaning behind the B Hive is that’s what Jon calls our house with all our B named children. My next post will talk about how we told everyone and all about B1’s big debut. Thanks for stopping in 😊

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