Briggs and I have been dealing with Covid on and off for the last month. Our first wave of symptoms hit back in August when we both tested positive. The first time around for Briggs was truly just a fever and a very low grade one at that. I was very tired and achey with a little sore throat. Jon ended up staying home with us for a few days waiting for his own test results and I was lucky enough to nap most of those days. We had both been feeling better and honestly felt like it was behind us. But starting Tuesday of this week we had a relatively normal day until briggs started to whine nonstop. And I mean non. stop. He’s my chill cat but is a mama’s boy so I thought maybe he was just having a need mama day until my mom came over and said he looked different to her too and she felt like he was warm. We gave the twins a bath and put them to bed and really hoped it was just teeth.

Wednesday morning breck got up around 7 and Briggs slept in until 830 which is totally out of character for him to not be jumping in bed right along side of her when I go in there. When I went to grab him he was on fire along with being super shaky and weak. I checked his temp and saw it read 103.2 and immediately called the pediatrician. Because we had a possible exposure we were told he couldn’t come in and I needed to take him to the ER immediately. My mom is the best and took the girls even though she was trying to get packed to get on a flight in a few hours.

Briggs drifted in and out of sleeping and whimpering all the way to the hospital and I sat in the front seat crying quietly all the way there. Crying from worry and crying from frustration that my kids are growing up in a time where it’s not even safe to breathe the air.

As soon as we got to the hospital we were taken and started taking his vitals. Other then the symptoms he was having they weren’t overly concerned so we were sent home to monitor and come back if they had worsened.

The last few days he has cried nonstop. I haven’t been able to put him down for any of the time he’s been awake. He’s on rotating doses of meds to keep his fever down and help with his body aches. I had put him in his crib to grab Becky and get her dressed and he went to cry and stand up but couldn’t even roll over so he just laid flat on his back whimpering. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to watch.

He’s not eating much and sleeping big chunks of the day. It’s hard to decide if it’s scarier or sadder to watch him fight off this nasty virus.

The girls have been as good about it as they can be but still need me too and I’m feeling it. The tug of each of them needing me in all different directions. I’m so so tired and so burned out. I’m touched out and counting the minutes until bedtime when I can finally lay down myself. Brogan has chosen this week to stay up each night until 11 and sneak in our bed every 2 or 3 hours until 6 am when I finally cave and let her come lay and chat with me. I love her. But I’m tired. She can tell that Biggie isn’t himself though and has been asking constantly if he wants her to make it feel better followed by a kiss on the forehead and it’s my favorite thing in the whole world.

Becky’s been the frickin MVP of this whole mess. Besides the fact that she can now take off her diaper at nap time.

I called my dad on the way home from the ER the other day and cried saying “why did I have kids all I do is love them and worry nonstop it’s no fun!” To which he replied “I know I was just trying to hook up with your mom and ended up with 4 of you kids”. Classic Rick Pane knowing just what to say to make me feel better.

Being one of the early ones of my friends to have kids has led to a lot of feeling of isolation. A lot of feeling like I could text a friend but they wouldn’t get it. Not because they wouldn’t try but because unless it’s been you, you just can’t understand. So this week I’m feeling all the feels. I think this post has mostly been the ramblings of a hella tired mom and that’s alright. That’s what I started a blog for and if you’ve made it this far you da best.

Keep my biggie in your prayers and hope we get over this all real soon.

And please. Venmo wine. Lots and lots of wine.

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