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Updated: Apr 20

If you’ve been around my page long enough you’ve gotten a pretty good glimpse into life with our oldest. The Queen B as she‘s called around here. Nothing suits her more. But if you’re new here or have never met her in person I’d love to take the time to tell you about The Queen. Brogan is our oldest at two and a half and she‘s a force to be reckoned with.

When we found out we were pregnant with her we had no idea what our life would look like from there. She was an absolute surprise and we couldn’t have been less ready. But every day since she has been in our life has been filled with happiness and laughter. She. Is. Nuts. And she has no problem telling you that.

When she was first born she was quiet. They put her on my chest and she never cried but her eyes were wide open soaking in her world. Looking back now she probably was just annoyed that it was my idea for her to come out and not hers. She’s a fan of being in charge. She never gave us too much grief as a baby and really was pretty happy and content. Looking back now I laugh at the fact that I thought she would ALWAYS be that chill. Right around 18 months was when we really saw a preview into who she was going to be.

She learned the word no (her favorite still) and she made it a point to make us do things on her schedule, NEVER ours... And she was wild and hilarious. Right around this time we found out about the twins and I was SO SO sick. I’m talking nonstop puking kind of sick. Most days my mom would come and grab Brog but on the days she couldn’t brog and I would lay on the bathroom floor and she’d watch movies on my phone and eat snacks while I tried to just survive the day.

She was my buddy.

We continued to see more of who she was as the twins were born and I like to think who she is now is who she will always be. She sings most minutes of the day and laughs all the others. She’s still pretty passionate about the word “no“ but now it’s followed by “please don’t” which usually makes me feel obligated to listen.

She never does things the normal way and truly doesn’t give a damn either which is probably my favorite thing about her. She’ll blaze her own trail and run a huge company someday (as long as I can keep her from running a prison riot instead). She loves glasses and coloring and is a firm believer in getting into trouble when my back is turned with the twins. She never takes the easy way but rather the most messy way full of puddles and mud to jump in.

My favorite role of hers is big sister. It‘s a lot to ask of a not even 2 year old to accept 2 new babies into her life. And she did it with absolute grace. She loves them and calls them both “good boys” while she rubs their heads like a dog. Every time we bring them out of their cribs or she sees them again after a little separation she says “AWWW S’CUTE!!”

She loves her daddy something fierce and loves him coming home knowing full well when he walks in all the rules walk out. She waits patiently at the gate jumping up and down yelling “IT’S YOUUU!!“ as soon as she sees him. A lover of all things girly like pretties and painting her nails. But definitely a gal who prefers mess, disaster, and destruction. She’s a firm believer in throwing out the instructions to life and figuring it out on her own.

I hope she always keeps her uniqueness and passion. And that the world is always kind to her. But most of all I hope she never changes or let’s anyone (besides me obv) tell her what to do. It’s a fine balancing act trying to reign her in while letting her be who she is and I hope we’re doing okay at it.

I love her deep and feel such pride when she gets all her flash cards correct or gets up the play set without help. She always proudly yells “YAYY WE DID IT” as if we’re always a team and I hope it stays that way. She’s my best best bud. I can’t wait to continue to see her bat shiz crazy self grow. So cheers to The Queen! May you stay you and love your mama always.

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