The Original Birth Story

It was the summer of 1991. We wanted to get pregnant in June because big brother Jake was born in April and we didn’t want you to have the same birthday, but a last minute family trip to LA with your Dad’s family in June (I wasn’t able to go because of work) caused that to not happen. So in July it started with a little hand holding and then….baby #2!! My pregnancy was very smooth and like with our first, we did not find out what we were having. Rick wanted it to be a surprise so we had the ultrasound Tech write down boy or girl and put it in an envelope to open afterwards.

Fast forward to April 22nd  1992, the day after a HUGE snowstorm caused havoc on the city of Omaha, at around 7PM I started having labor pains. I timed them until around midnight at which time we woke up sweet little Jake to take him to my parents house so we could head to the hospital. My sister Nikki, who lived at home, was along for the long ride with us. As we were driving to the hospital, remember I’m in labor still, Rick and Nikki decide, since it’s going to be a long night, they should probably run through Taco Bell. At this point my contractions are about 3-4 minutes apart and fairly painful. I will never forget sitting in the drive-thru breathing through these labor pains and the two of them having a giddy ole time! Needless to say, we made it to the hospital and the nurse got me all hooked up and taken care of… and I’m so glad my support staff was nice and fed! About an hour after we were there the nurse came in and asked me if I was going to want and epidural, I said absolutely and she said "well since it’s the middle of the night the Anesthesiologist that is on call is here now doing a C-section and he lives an hour away, so if you want one you should probably get in now." So, I got my epidural pretty early into the night and let me tell you, it was wonderful. After I got that I/we all slept like babies until around 6AM.

At this time the nurse came in and asked if I was ready to start pushing? I was like yep, let’s do this! So at 7:50AM on April 23, 1992 after some hard work, the doctor announced  it’s a girl!!!! I cannot tell you how shocked I was. I know that sounds silly but I honestly thought since I had a boy first that I was going to have all boys for some reason. I always hoped to have a little girl one day. I seriously just kept looking at your precious little face and couldn’t believe it! She was perfect in every way.

One of my most heartwarming memories after I had you was when Grandpa Schulte came to visit me at the hospital. It was just you and me in the room, your Dad had gone home to be with Jake and Grandpa came into my room. He had a mask on because he had a cold and he sat on the bed next to me, we were both looking at how beautiful you were. He was running a training that day for work and he said, “I had just started my training this morning and a gal that was working with me opened the door slightly (and then he couldn’t finish what he was saying). When he could talk again, after getting choked up he said she was holding a sign that said “It’s a girl!!” We both got a little emotional and he gave me a hug and said I always prayed you would have a little girl because I knew you always wanted a daughter.

Later that night Dad brought Jake to the hospital to meet his new baby sister, he was so gentle and sweet with you. We were so blessed!

Now about my Taylor…you were the best baby and were always smiling. When you were in a big girl bed we always knew when you were awake because we would hear you jump out of bed. You were always so full of energy! You LOVED your big brother Jake more than I can even tell you and were always following right behind him, every day, all day. You were two peas in a pod! You were a good big sister to Abby and Sam (well maybe not the teenage years but before and after for sure LOL). You were, and still are, a second mom to Sam and I love that so much. I will tell you, I always wanted babies because I loved them so much when I was younger, but what I didn’t know is that one day they would become my best friend. These 28 years have been a gift like no other. We are so thankful every single day for our smart, loving, kind, HILARIOUS Taylor! Thanks for keeping us laughing all these years and for giving us three of the most precious grandchildren. Happy 28th birthday Tay, may the next 28 be just as wonderful!! Love you to pieces! Xoxo Dad and Mom

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