• Taylor Negley

The Queen's Arrival

With both pregnancies, I had severe Hyperemesis Gravidarum, which meant I was throwing up 30-40 times a day. I was under the impression that the "morning" sickness would go away after the first trimester, but I was sorely mistaken. It continued right through delivery for both, and once the nausea wore off I had such severe heartburn that I slept sitting up, ate only small meals twice a day, and continued to throw up everything.

The week before Brogan was born, I sat in my OB's office begging them to take this baby out of me. I had been so sick for so long that I mentally and physically couldn't handle any more. I cried everyday and remember telling Jon "I don't know when we'll ever have more kids, I can't willingly walk back into this suffering again." The doctor told me she didn't take babes before 40 weeks because my body could potentially not be ready to deliver, which would mean delayed labor leading to a c section. Okay, okay, not super into that idea. She said she would check just in case they had a spot to take me at 39 because of how taxing the whole thing was on my body and she was concerned I wouldn't be strong enough for labor.

So she comes back and asks, "do you want to have a baby tonight?" I about puked right then and there! She said she was going to call the hospital and let them know I would be headed over after I ran home to get my hospital bag. When she left the room, I texted Jon saying, "you feel like being a dad tonight?" and my mom asking the same thing but the grandma version. I couldn't believe it. I was so, so pumped.

10 minutes later, my doc comes back and says, "I am so sorry, I have no intention of getting a 10 month pregnant woman's hopes up, but the last spot was filled right before I called. You'll have to wait until after your due date." I cannot make this sadness up. I immediately started sobbing. This is actually a sick joke, there's no way I had that spot and then just like that it was gone. But yep, 1 more week of suffering was officially in my future.

I cried all the way home. My dad called and told me that was so cruel to do to such a "big girl," referencing the fact that I was the size of a house, in an attempt to make me laugh instead of cry. But it didn't work. I just cried more. You know, because I was like 97 years pregnant.

The next week I was given an induction date. September 5th at 6 pm I was to be at the hospital to start the induction process. I could see an end in sight, and I finally packed a bag for me and Brog.

September 4th that year was Labor Day. I had been sleeping on my bathroom floor, like I did my entire pregnancies both times, and woke up that morning feeling off. Nothing super specific, just felt different. I laid there and noticed I was having what I thought were contractions. Obviously never going through labor I didn't know if they were legit or not, so I called my mom and told her that I thought I was in labor. I woke Jon and we headed to my parents, where we proceeded to time them. They were sporadic, but started off 5 minutes apart. They quickly started to last longer while becoming more frequent. After about 45 minutes, they transitioned quickly to every 2 minutes. We made the decision to head in and get checked.

When I got there, they took me back and started tracking Brogs heart rate. They started tracking my contractions, and, like I thought, they were 2 minutes apart and I was 3 cm dilated. BOOM. BABY WE DOIN THIS THANG. Don't worry you guys, this is where it gets super disappointing. The nurses tell me that since its Labor Day, my doctor is out of town; because of this, I was given a 2 hour period to dilate from 3 to 4, or I would be sent home. At this point in time, my mom had already called my sister in Kearney as well as my brother and sister in law in KC and told them that I was in labor. She told them they should come home. So, needless to say I was feeling the pressure.

I stared Jon dead in his soul and said "We. are not. leaving." I immediately proceeded to get up and start walking the halls. Lap after lap after lap. I made Jon do squats and lunges with me nonstop in hopes that brogans big ol head would work its way down. We hit the two hour mark and they came in, checked, and told me they'd be sending me home to labor there. I started to cry as I put my pants back on. My mom walked in and I told her what the nurses said and she legit stomped her foot and said NO. You're not leaving. Have them come back and check again. For anyone that knows my mom you know she's one of the top 10 most badass (and pushiest) people you will ever meet. She doesn't take no for an answer and she sure as hell wasn‘t going to start that day. So before she could talk to a nurse we quickly packed up and headed home.

The next afternoon was my official induction date. I had continued to have contractions all night and woke up ready to frickin party. Jon and I decided to have lunch at our favorite spot where we had gone on one of our first dates and millions after. A real classy joint... Village Inn. Breakfast food is my love language. As we sat in the booth across from each other we talked about how we thought things would go tonight and how nervous we both were. We wondered what and who she would look like and if she was 25 lbs like she felt like from the inside. Right as our food got to our table my phone rang and I recognized the hospital’s number. I thought yaaasss maybe they’re calling me to tell me to come in now! As I picked up the phone she said “Hey Taylor I just wanted to let you know we ended up having too many walk ins and surprise inductions so we had to give your bed away.” I kid you not I about puked on the table. I responded “You have to be kidding I cannot go another night” to which she responded “we don’t know what time but we will get you in tonight sometime. We will call you when a bed opens. I’m so so sorry.” I hung up the phone and burst into tears. Jon just stared and said what did they say? As I told him I sobbed and he got bold as hell and said, “it’s just a few more hours it’s not that big of a deal.” LOL IM SORRY WHAT? “I HAVE BEEN PREGNANT FOR 19 YEARS I CANT DO A FEW MORE HOURS.” We found out the next day the person who took the induction spot was a family friend who we’ve known for a million years. She’ll come into play later as well.

fter I got done crying and having a pity party we headed to my parents house to wait it out and wait for our call to come in. We sat around the fire until they finally called at 10 pm and told us that they had a spot for us and we could head in now. HALLELUJAH. We anxiously hugged my family goodbye and got in the car.

As we drove out of our neighborhood we were both pretty quiet just soaking in what was about to be happening. I looked over to Jon and realized his eyes were filled with tears and I asked him what was wrong? He said, “I’m just so excited.” Which immediately made me cry as well. We held hands and drove quietly in to meet our girl. When we arrived they put us in a room with a warming bed and that’s the moment I really thought dang we’re not leaving here without a baby we’re really doing this. It only took 40 weeks and 5 days to realize that...? As I got into my gown they told us how things were going to go and since I was already in active labor on my own they wouldn’t do pitocin but instead just let my body do what it had already been doing. We knew it was probably going to be a long night so we settled in and tried to get comfortable.

They hooked me up to monitor Brogan and my contractions and told me to let them know if I felt any changes at any point. I really never got super uncomfortable so we were kind of in a stage of just waiting it out. I tried to sleep a little bit like Jon who was open mouth snoring on the couch but as soon as I laid back I felt a gush of water and called the nurse. I had no idea what happened so I told her I either just peed my pants or my water just broke. Sure enough she checked and it was my water (and not pee thank God that would’ve been embarrassing). It was 1 am and my mom had just decided to go home to get some sleep because nothing was really happening. At this point I was 7 cm and they asked if I wanted an epidural. I had always heard horror stories about how bad contractions would get so I told them I’d better get it now before I end up in a lot of pain and miss the boat.

As we waited for the anesthesiologist they asked if I wanted something for the pain and even though I wasn’t really in any I thought eh might as well. HUGE HUGE mistake. They pushed fentanyl through my IV and almost immediately I couldn’t see straight and was absolutely spinning. I have pretty intense anxiety so anything with my eye sight pretty quickly spirals me. I looked at Jon and said “please call my mom and tell her I need her.” He knew I was serious and immediately called her to tell her to come back up. Still feel bad about this as she was gone maybe an hour before she had to turn around and come back...

By the time my mom made it back to the hospital I had started puking from the anxiety and dizziness. I was in full panic mode at that point and Jon was doing his best to tell me it’ll pass and to just ride it out. My mom came in and asked what happened and immediately asked everyone to leave so I could puke in peace (my girl knows me). As everyone came back in they brought with them the anesthesiologist and began my epidural. If you’ve never had one they make you sit on the edge of the bed and hunch over your gigantically pregnant belly and not move a single muscle. They tell you if you feel any kind of pain to let them know as that means it went in wrong and they need to adjust it.

Pretty quickly I felt a lightning zap down my right leg and told him I felt it. He said alright we’ll try again and proceeded to adjust the giant needle in my back to hopefully get it more centered. They had me lay on my left side to attempt at having the epidural float it’s way over to that side. Fun fact. Never worked. I ended up doing natural labor on the left side.

By the time this whole event was over it was 6 am and I had yet to sleep. My doctor showed up to check on me and told me I’d probably deliver her around noon or 1 that day so I should settle in and get some rest. She was there for a c section and would come back to check on me after that. As I rolled over to try and sleep like my peaceful husband I started to feel weird pressure but only on the left. They had told me to tell them if I felt anything at any point so I called my nurse in right as they were doing shift change and I met my new nurse. I wish I could remember her name because I loved that chick. She was so awesome and I’d like to tell her thanks someday.

When they came in to check me she said alright it looks like it’s time to do some practice pushes because she’s ready. Mind you this is 20 minutes after my doc told me I wouldn’t be delivering for another 5 hours. I was shooketh.

Something happens when you go into the final transition and your body realizes what’s about to happen. Your whole body gets juiced with adrenaline and begins to shake and you cannot do anything to make it stop. As soon as I did the first practice push for my nurse she looks me dead in the face and says, “do NOT push again this baby is almost out we need to get your doctor.” Okay so wait I thought we were just practicing this is serious all of the sudden. Brogan had started to come out and we could see she was still en caul, which means she was still in her sack and you could see her hair floating in her fluid. I felt pretty quickly that my left leg was getting a little heavy and realized Jon was starting to let it drop a bit. He had looked and saw everything and was suddenly pale as a ghost. I learned afterwards he was VERY grateful that we had to take a break and wait for my doctor because he needed to sit down or he would’ve for sure gone down. I love him he kills me. My nurse paged my doc 911 who was at home taking a shower after her c-section earlier.

So there I sat with my legs in the stirrups waiting patiently for my doctor to show up. If you’ve ever been in labor before you know your body naturally has the urge to push with every contraction and I had to instead ignore it and just wait. Minute after minute contraction after contraction I asked my nurse okay but you’re sure I can’t push? Because I really freakin need to. She sat there making sure my baby didn’t fall out and kept saying she’s almost here she just lives right down the street she’ll be back soon. She told me “doctors like to deliver their own babies” to which I replied ”okay I get that but if it gets down to it you can catch my baby right?” Guess whose delivery my doctor was at home showering from... same family friend who got the last induction spot. It still makes me laugh thinking how intertwined our families were that day as our brothers have been best friends since they were kids. It’s only right they become uncles sitting in the waiting room together with the rest of our families.

Finally my doctor comes in and says “alright, we ready to have this baby?” Sis I’ve been ready for like AN HOUR. She sits down and says “7:45 things went a little quicker then I anticipated!” At that point I remembered that my mom had always told me I was born at 7:50 am. What’s the chance that we would be that close to the point where I could have my first girl at the same time as I was born? I looked at my doctor and said “Is there any way we could wait to have her until 7:50?” She looked at me crooked and said “you want to wait for 5 more minutes? I mean we can but are you sure?” To which I said “Yeah if we could that’d be great.“

Still to this day I can’t believe I asked if we could wait for a certain time to deliver my baby. Unreal. So there we all sat watching the clock tick down while my doctor held Brogan’s head in so she wouldn’t come out before 7:50. At 749 we all started to countdown like New Year’s Eve in Times Square. At 10 she started to deliver Brogan’s head and while everyone yelled out “9, 8, 7, 6!” She told me to bear down and give one last good push to get the rest of her out. Right as they yelled “1 7:50!!!” Brogans shoulders were delivered and she was here. Right on time and in her own very special (and unique) arrival. A dramatic entrance fit for a queen. As they put her on my chest she never cried. Just a soft whimper to let us know she was okay. I asked my nurse, "she’s okay right?" To which she replied, “she’s perfect she’s just cozy with her mama.” My girl.

As she laid on my chest my doctor proceeded to clear clots which was more incredibly painful then the actual delivery. I ended up having to hand Brogan off to Jon because I thought I was going to drop her from the pain. They took her and weighed and measured her while Jon rubbed my head and told me I had done so great.

After they were done my family was brought in and Jon was proudly glowing as he showed off his new girl. I’ve never seen him look like that before and it made me love him even more. We told them her name and they each took turns holding her. I was still struggling to recover from the fentanyl and had to lay down with my eyes closed to stop the spinning. If you get the choice SAY NO to IV meds. It truly rocked my world.

I’ve been blessed with pretty easy deliveries and I’m so grateful with how each one went. My babes all arrived safely and quickly and I’d never change either one of them. And I’m happy to say Brogan’s future husband will always share the same birthday and crazy birth story as her. They’re just as intertwined as our families. And just so everyone knows... I did letter boards before it was cool! CC Brogs birth announcement below 😏

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