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Back to babies this week!


We only used Dr. Brown's bottles with Brog but the twins have been a different story. They learned to eat on Dr. Brown's nipples in the NICU, but when they got home Breck had issues with gagging and choking, I assumed it was because of the nipple length/shape. So she was on Tommee Tippee for a long time and just transitioned back.


We had to work our way through A LOT of pacifiers with Brog to find the one she is currently still addicted to (whoops). Luckily, she only liked the most EXPENSIVE ones I found. Great. Hers are Natursutten and are completely organically made along with being all one piece, so mold cannot grow. I intentionally did not offer these to the twins thinking when I went to wean Brog she wouldn't still be tempted by her brother and sister having one. Breck will only take these Tommee Tippee ones, while Briggs is a little more flexible. He likes the Bibs ones along with the Avent ones.



They come in TONS of colors

Tommee Tippee:


These are hands down my favorite teethers I've found and the babies love them. They're all one piece, so mold can't find it's way in to the constantly drooled on toy and the bristles are super great on their little sore gums. We have 10 of them and they sit in our freezer until the babes need one. I don't love the ones that you traditionally freeze and give to them because they're too cold. Since these ones don't have any liquid in them they still get cold but not freezing.


I get asked all the time, especially with twins, what baby items I find necessary. This guy is hands down an absolute must have, and if you're having twins, you need 2 for sure. We used this thing with Brog from birth to, no joke, 10 months when she was too chunky to bounce. The twins still use these. Breck slept in it for a long time in the beginning, her severe reflux required her to be sitting up, even while she slept. We don't use these traditionally, we put our foot on one of the legs and bounce them. Absolute game changer, especially with two! Absolute MUST. HAVE.


When I post pictures of the babies in these I always get questions about what they are. This is another must have in my opinion. The kids LOVE them. It allows them to sit up and be a part of the action, which most babes prefer. They fold up and are easy to store. I can easily put them in our trunk so we can use them anywhere. We used this with Brogan until she was crawling and not content being confined anymore. We still use it with the twins. Definitely think these are a necessity.

Let me know if there's anything you've seen on my page or stories that you'd like to get the details for! Thanks for reading! Feel free to tag me in your stories if you find one of these products useful! HAPPY SUNDAY

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