Weekly Amazon Picks

Another week, another shopping spree during my night feeds. Taking the time to share some of the good goods I found...


A TON of you reached out asking about these cards Brogan was playing with recently in my stories. They're the greatest. She absolutely loves them and they help with her numbers, colors, and letters. They're super great quality and have little cut out slots for the correct answers.


Another major feature in our stories lately has been our freaking awesome collapsible wagon. This thing gives me life. And also gives me a little bit of sanity. It's super reasonable in addition to being super easy to pack up and take anywhere. You need this. Like yesterday.


This little gem is a staple in our daily walks. It took Brogan a minute to learn how to use a scooter (and for me to figure out how to teach a child to scooter?) but now that she has it figured out she loves it. She recently joined the neighborhood scooter gang. And if you get going fast enough the wheels light up....


We do these nightly with Brog and she loses it over them. A gal who is VERY fond of positive praise so these are her sweet spot. They have played a huge part in her vocabulary boom and I like to think they're part of the reason she's very average intelligence other then average genetics.


These things have saved my life (and my carpet) a time or 12. They pop right on top of pouches and don't allow your sweet precious rogue toddler from squeezing the life and the entire contents out of the pouch and making a disaster. Save yourself the cleanup and get a pack of these.


The twins will start using these this week. Brogan loved these and so did I as they helped keep the disaster of Baby Led Weaning to a minimum. They grip to their trays so they cant pull up or dump their bowls and allow them to use the shape of the bowl to better pick up pieces of food. Toss them in the dish washer and you're done!


Just ordered this for Brogan and I cannot put into words how pumped I am. Since we're banned from like legit everything I decided to bring the splash pad to her. She is going to absolutely flip and I just may as well...

Hope this helps keep you AND your toddler a little more sane during this crazy quarantine time!

Please @ me in your stories if you end up loving any of these products! Peace and Blessings peeps peace and blessings.

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