Weekly Amazon Picks

As our quarantine continues, I have linked a few things that have been carrying us through.

Let's talk sensory bins and toddlers. Instead of spending a ton of money on a fancy sensory table, make it simple and cheap: a plastic bin that is easy to move where you want it and simple to store. If you're living on a budget like me, you know the struggle of finding things for your toddler to do at a decent price. This is what I love about the sensory bin, it's inexpensive and simple to do with your little one. Below I linked a similar bin to the one that I use for Brogan. She loves it! It's so simple and keeps her entertained while meeting her sensory needs.

Next, what I fill the bin with. She loves each one of these and it is perfect for her age. Toddlers love getting their hands dirty, which is why these fillers are so great to use with them! I have linked a few options that I love to fill Brogan's sensory bin with.

Right now it is filled with colorful rice and different tools to scoop, dump, and fill. If you click on the link, you can get your own colored rice! I personally make my own rice, however, it takes a lot of time and sometimes just having a bag on hand makes things a lot easier.

This water beads are ocean themed AND they come with little sea creatures. These beads are so soft and squishy and they are a great sensory activity for toddlers. Fill up the bin and immediately you have your own play ocean for your little one. Click on the picture to get your own set!

Right now, Brogan loves to play with kinetic sand. This sensory bin filler is perfect indoor AND inside. Yes, inside! The kinetic sand sticks together and is easy to clean up. Click on the picture to get a kit for your little one. Not only does it come with kinetic sand, it also has all the materials you need to play in the sand.

Let's talk babies. Having a busy toddler and twin babies makes getting anything done nearly impossible. I have linked a few life savors that I use throughout the day to keep the babies busy while I get their bottles ready, fold laundry, bathe Brogan, and all the other things I need to do as a mom.

The twins LOVE this activity cube. Since they are now sitting up, this cube is perfect for them! Whether they are sitting or on their tummies, it keeps them entertained, especially when I am trying to get their bottles ready!

While on the topic of bottles- feeding the twins at the same time is HARD, especially now that they are both bottle fed. In order to successfully feed them, they cannot have ANY distractions. If you make a noise, they are rolling and flipping to see where it came from. Due to this constant curiosity, the only way to get them to finish their bottles is putting them in their cribs, sound machine on with these amazing bottle holders. This is seriously the greatest invention!! While they eat, I stay in the room to keep an eye on them while they finish their bottles. These have been a life savor and I for sure recommend them for ALL twin moms!

Speaking of getting the babies bottles ready, let's talk about this sit-me-up chair. This chair is my go-to entertainment when I am getting things done, especially bottles. I've used it for all three kids. I especially loved using these when the babies were to little to sit-up on their own. It keeps them busy and allows them to sit-up so they can still see me- which is always a priority. I for sure recommend these for busy mamas!

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