Weekly Amazon Picks

This weeks Amazon picks are all about indoor activities! If you live in Omaha, you have experienced the rainy gloomy weather we've been experiencing for what feels like forever! Between quarantining and rainy weather, we are going a bit stir crazy not being able to get outside. That being said, these amazon picks are definitely a life savor when it comes to toddlers and infants stuck inside all day everyday.

These fun stackers are great for both infants and toddlers! Brogan loves to line things up so being able to put these blocks in order on this geometric stacker is her favorite. Plus, this developmental toy helps to build early shape, color, and size differentiation skills.

Another great toy for your littles: this color sorting stacking rings board is amazing! It is so much fun watching Brogan go through and match the different rings to the right color. She says each color in her adorable voice as she places each ring on the board. If you have a toddler, you need this!

Okay, so I am clearly obsessed with stacking boards, but Brogan loves them so much and I know that she is learning when she is playing with them! This one may be my favorite, it goes over shapes, colors, and numbers! She is matching shapes, placing the number of rings needed for each number, and matching each number. Plus, it is super cute.

We have LOVED using this play mat for the twins! It is colorful yet simple and it has 5 developmental zones! It also turns from a play mat for the babies to a play fort for toddlers! It is made of great material that lasts through each stage!

So, we've shared the flashcards we do with Brogan each night, but here are some books we use with the twins everyday. These books introduce them to colors, objects, and animals! The twins both LOVE books, they get so excited each time the page turns and are hooked on every page! Books are a must with little ones and these are a great start!

If you are looking for a play kitchen set, look no further! This kitchen is adorable and Brogan loves to play with it. It also looks like a real kitchen and goes with our house perfectly. Honestly, I wish my actual kitchen looked like this fun farmhouse play kitchen set. My favorite parts: it comes with a full play-food set, the stove lights up and makes sound, it has an ice maker that comes with play ice cubes, and the sink makes noise when you turn the handle. You can't go wrong with this kitchen set.

Hopefully these picks help you and your littles stay sane! I know how hard it is being stuck inside with little ones. To help, I make a goal to get outside each day, even on rainy days! When the rain lets up, we go outside, even if it is misting! If the rain goes all day, open the garage and play in there. Trust me, the fresh air does the soul and your littles some good!

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